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At FOTRIC, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that revolutionize the way the world sees and uses thermal technology.


We are a thriving high-tech enterprise with offices in Dallas and Shanghai—focused on cultivating not only the success of our brand but that of our employees. We work hard to ensure our employees feel appreciated, recognized, and valued for all the effort they put into their work.


Trust is pivotal. As such, we don’t believe in over-the-shoulder management governing your every move. We do everything we can to empower you, giving you the tools you need to be as effective and productive as possible. Our focus is on making you feel like an invaluable member of the team—because, without you, there is no FOTRIC.


We are looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our sales team. Expanding the accuracy and availability of thermal imaging globally is our ultimate mission.


Key Responsibilities


  • Build and foster relationships with new customers interested in partnering with FOTRIC;

  • Develop creative and relevant solutions to handle customers’ needs, using FOTRIC’s expansive suite of solutions;

  • Launch outbound customer engagement and sales campaigns;

  • Upsell and resell to customers by leveraging their purchase history;

  • Gain market share in current and emerging markets for thermal imaging;


Job Qualifications


The ideal candidate will have:

  • At least 3-5 years of sales experience in the test and measurement field;

  • Be familiar with thermal products, predictive maintenance, and solution providing;

  • A willingness to challenge yourself, with an ambition to realize your dreams;

  • Self-disciplined, with professionalism, industry sensitivity, and a desire to work hard;

  • Creative outlook and desire for innovation—the ability to think outside the box;




Our team members enjoy a host of benefits, including:

  • A flexible working place (within the U.S.), with free choice of office location and flexible work hours

  • Lucrative commission margins and competitive base salary;

  • A friendly work culture focused on collaboration, problem-solving, creativity, and progressive thinking;



At FOTRIC, we never stop innovating thermal engineering. As a leader in thermal imaging technology, evolving our products is our everyday goal. We push the limits of technology to create intuitive, practical, and reliable solutions for our customers.


But all of this has to start somewhere. For us, this begins with trust, transparency, and quality. As a public company, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. As a research and development firm, we are the architects of our tech, owning several patents in thermal engineering. As a global entity, we serve over 50 countries with our products and have earned a reputation for excellence.

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