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Compelling Image Quality -Hardware

Up to

1280 * 1024

IR resolution

Renders pristine image clarityand unlocks unparallel precision for your inspection work




Color gamut


LCD display accurately reproduces the entire sRGB color gamut, ensuring that it showcases the full extent of the camera'scapabilities


Compelling Image Quality-Firmware

TWB (thermal white balance) Feature

Magnifies subtle differences even at broad

temperature range.

IREdge Imaging Algorithm


Optimize color pixel distribution to enhance

image line prominence.

Impeccable Accuracy

Reach                                            Up to

±1 %          2000℃

accuracy                                        temperature range


Stay accurate at any                    -20℃ ~ 120℃ , 0℃ ~ 700℃  

ambient temperature                  Extendable to -40℃ and 2000℃

Up to                                             Achieves

<1℃           30mK

image uniformity                          thermal sensitivity

Precise measurement                  Reveal the most subtle details


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Meticulously Designed Hardware

One Lens to See them All  

Eliminate the need to carry and change an extra lens, saving both your

time and space


7° & 25°

Dual FOVs

12° & 25°

Dual FOVs

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