FOTRIC Thermal Imager, Makes Inspections Easier With "MagicThermal"

The Most Prominent Innovation With New Software, New Hardware Platform

FOTRIC 340 series is a high-end handheld thermal imager produced by FOTRIC INC., which was launched formaly in the United States and Europe at the beginning of 2021.

The entire series is designed for engineers, so that every professional user can intuitively feel the imaging innovation of infrared technology and the perfect local analysis function. Among them, the most prominent innovation is the MagicThermal detail enhancement imaging technology. MagicThermal is based on a newly built software and hardware platform, with functions including detailed enhancement, multi-color dynamics and visible light temperature measurement.

The multi-color dynamic imaging function can display the color thermal imaging of the target area through touch on the real-time thermal imaging screen, and the other areas are displayed in black and white thermal imaging. Significantly enhancing the imaging effect of the subtle temperature difference of a specific target in a complex scene is conducive to the on-site diagnosis of voltage-induced defects.

"MagicThermal" - ON

"MagicThermal" Functions Under Complex Diagnoses

FOTRIC has extremely high requirements for the accuracy of production process and equipment temperature calibration. Fitted with the world's leading-edge Lynred polysilicon detector made in France, the greatest advantage of temperature measurement stability can be displayed. The chip blessings of Qualcomm and Xilinx, and other major manufacturers have made the overall performance of the 340 Series more stable and competitive.

FOTRIC has set wallet-friendly prices in order to promote the marketization of infrared thermal imaging technology. Based on protecting the interests of investors and the reasonable profits of the agents, FOTRIC surrenders maximum profits to end users. FOTRIC firmly believes that only the popularization of technology can drive the upgrade of next-generation technology.