Fotric 228GRD

Fotric 228GRD

Fotric 228GRD offers high performance thermal imaging solution for R&D use. With its 640x480 resultion and optional 20mm Marco Lens, this portable camera can not only capture single images, but also continuously record and analyze video streams, which reveals more valuable data.

  • Main Specifications

    Key Features 228GRD
    Infrared Resolution 640*480
    Field of View(FOV) 28.7°H*21.6°V
    Temperature Range ‘-20℃~+650℃(-4℉~+1202℉)
    Thermal Sensitivity(NETD) <0.05℃@30℃
    Focus Mode Manual
    Frame Rate 30Hz
    Display Mode Thermal, Visible Light, PIP Fusion
    surement Modes 12 moveable spots
    12moveable area boxes
    3 lines
    Emissivity set for each ROI
    Image File Format Standard JPGE, including raw temperature
    Software and App AnalyzIR(PC), LinkIR(Android)
    Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-ion, 10+hours
    Operating/Storage Temperature -20℃~+50℃(-4℉~+122℉)
    Enclosure Rating IP40
    Warranty 2 years
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