Fotric 326M

Fotric 326M

FOTRIC 326M is a compact handheld thermal camera for facility maintenance use. Its 384x288 resoltion, 40mk sensitivity, Manual focus and Android platform interface all provide intuititive experiences for you to get started. This camera provides Lens options of 49 or 25 degrees to meet requirements from different industries, like building inspection, electric distribution, manufacuring and so on. After inspection, you can import the data into AnalzyIR softwarew with WiFi, and generate report with one click.

  • Main Specifications

    Key Features 326M
    Thermal Resolution 384*288
    Thermal SensitivityNETD) 40mk(0.04°C)

    Lens Options ( Not interchangable)


    IFOV (spatial resolution)


    Focus Mode

    49°x 36.8°, IFOV:2.27 mrad, Manual focus & 0.5 meters focus free



    25°×19°, IFOV:1.14mrad, Manual focus 

    AI programmable key Support
    Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Yes, for data transfer & Headset.
    Build-in digital camera 8 MP industrial camera
    Frame Rate 30Hz
    Temperature Range -20 °C to 120°C;
    0 °C to 650°C
    Measurement Tools Spot:10
    Emissivity Support
    ROI Alarm Support
    Display Screen 3.5 inch Touch Screen
    Palettes 8
    Grey, Iron, Rainbow, Grey-red, Rain, GlowBow, Medical, Prism
    Isotherm/Color Alarms
    (Above, Below, and in-between)
    Storage Card TF card64GB
    File Format Full radiation thermal photo(JPEG.), visible light photo, thermal video(IRS.) and MP4 video
    QR-code scan, saved in Tags Support
    Remote Control
    (with AnalyzIR Software)
    Battery 3.6V5000mAh Li-battery
    Battery operation time ≥4 hours
    Operation temperature -20°C to 50°C
    Storage temperature -40°C to 70°C, without battery
    Drop Designed for 2 meters drop test.  (GB/T 2423.8/IEC 60068-2-32)
    Weight (include battery) 730g
    Enclosure rating IP54
    Warranty 2 years warranty on camera, 10 years for IR detector.
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