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Leading In Thermal Imaging Technology

Located in Texas, U.S.A, FOTRIC is a listed innovation-driven thermography manufacturer (Stock code: 831598) engaging in intelligent sensing solutions to defect detection and condition monitoring for manufacturing, chemical processing, metallurgy, storage of coal, Li-ion batteries, and waste, electric utilities, oil & gas, buildings, and R&D in over 50 countries. 

Since its establishment, FOTRIC has always focused on the precision of temperature measurement and high-quality thermal imaging. As a high-tech enterprise, FOTRIC successfully passed ISO: 9001, FCC, CE, and KC certificate tests. We have become a leader in the thermal imaging industry, committing to permanent innovation by merging cutting-edge technologies with thermography.

To create a reliable sales channel and sound technical support network to serve global customers, FOTRIC has established a worldwide distributor network in dozens of countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Latin America, South Korea, Singapore, India, Australia, Taiwan, and many more.

FOTRIC’s vision is to constantly evolve our thermal imaging technology and provide more granular data for professionals to make more informed decisions to save more lives and livelihoods.



To constantly evolve our thermal imaging technology and improve the lives of our distributors and customers every step of the way.


Thermal technology that is accessible to all, thanks to universal availability and exceptional user experience.






in FOTRIC's History


FOTRIC is a trusted supplier of infrared thermal technology to a wide range of customers. We continuously offer excellent products and services to improve efficiency and ensure safety for our clients.




Miles Electrical Contractor
Queensland, Australia

The company I work for purchased the Fotric 326M thermal imaging camera sometime ago for use in our electrical maintenance and industrial sectors. The 326M is very user friendly and has met our expectations and needs.


The built in 8MP camera is great and produces a clear photo, I have found this particularly useful when scanning boards and I find an issue that is not related to thermal, this way all photos are kept together on the one device.


When thermally scanning a board for hotspots, the manual focus allows you to easily adjust it to get the image you want, one click of the button and 2 images are taken, one thermal of what you see and a non-thermal showing you what you have just scanned. If you are happy with the image, a second click automatically saves it. The unit is compact and lightweight, our one came with both the soft carry case and the hard one. I would recommend this product.

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