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Industrial Grade Thermal Camera

The FOTRIC TK7 is an accessible handheld thermal camera designed to be your first step to professional thermography. With its robust build, 384x288 IR resolution, 40 mK sensitivity, and user-friendly Android interface, it offers an intuitive user experience for your industrial inspections. The camera comes with 49 or 25-degree lens options to cater to various industries, from building inspections to HVAC and electric distribution. After inspections, easily import data into the AnalzyIR software using WiFi and generate reports with a single click.

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Your First Step to Professional Thermography

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Manual Focus, ensures concise measurement at all distances.

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TK7_manual focus_edited.jpg

49° wide-angle shot, to always see the big picture. Help you infer the root of the thermal anomaly.

25° Standard Lens

25° Standard Lens (1).jpg
25° Standard Lens (2).jpg

49° wide-angle Lens

Superior Image Quality

384*288 thermal pixels, presenting your findings with unprecedented clarity.

FOTRIC TK7 (12).jpg

Under 10000 pixels

FOTRIC TK7 (10).jpg

Over 100000 pixels



TEF-Fusion 0~100% adjustable transparency. Select the best way to present your finding.

Image Modes (3).png
Image Modes (4).png
Image Modes (2).png
Image Modes (1).png

Enhance Your Inspections

Building Inspections

FOTRIC TK7 industrial thermal camera empowers building inspectors by detecting issues like exterior wall flaking or cavitation, water leakage or stagnation, material insulation performance, and room airtightness through temperature visualization, ensuring thorough building assessments.

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HVAC Inspections

TK7 thermal camera is a crucial tool for HVAC inspectors. It precisely detects thermal inefficiencies and malfunctions in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This includes locating duct leaks, pinpointing electrical hotspots, and verifying equipment performance. It also assesses radiator and heat exchanger effectiveness, identifies underperforming systems, and ensures consistent thermal distribution. TK7 can help maximize system efficiency, improving comfort and energy conservation.

Electrical Inspections

During electrical inspections, it is vital to identify potential equipment issues that can impact facility operations. Electrical problems often manifest as abnormal heating. FOTRIC TK7 thermal camera provides real-time monitoring, delivering non-contact, precise, and intuitive insights. It swiftly detects hidden trouble spots, guaranteeing the safe operation of electrical equipment.

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Product Model    

FOTRIC TK7_front.png

IR Resolution

Thermal Sensitivity(NETD)

Focus Type

Temperature Measurement Range

User-definable Markers


Storage Memory

Build-in Digital Camera (visible light)   




Protection Class





Manual Focus, Focus Free

-20 °C to 350°C

Spot:6;Line:3 ;Rectangle/Circle:4

±2 °C or 2% , whichever is greater (at 25 °C ambient temperature)

TF card,32GB

8 MP industrial camera

8 Palettes,8 Inverted Palettes

Rechargeable Li-ion, 3.6V, 5000mAh; ≥ 4 hours operation time

800g, include battery


Designed for 2 meters drop test.  (GB/T 2423.8/IEC 60068-2-32)

1 year warranty on camera, 10 years for IR detector

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