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FOTRIC 340 series

The FOTRIC 340 series is an advanced Industrial thermal camera, designed for professionals to improve maintenance efficiency in the electric, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries. Its up to 640x480 IR Resolution and 30 mK NETD enable superior imaging display on 5” LCD touch screens. Other advanced features like laser-assisted autofocus, interchangeable lens options, and powerful AnalyzIR report software, all boost operational performance, making it an ideal tool for site inspections.

Extraordinary Performance

Up to

640 * 480

IR resolution

Up to

30 mK

Thermal Sensitivity

Up to


Temp range

Up to



• Hand work eased like never before with programmable AI Quick-Access button.

• Turbo-Focus system enables swift and meticulous measurements.

• Interchangeable lenses provide coverage for any target, any scene.

• Complimentary access to Face Detection feature.

Cutting-Edge Image Algorithms

TWB (thermal white balance) Feature

TWB essentially re-scales the palette ribbon based on the number of pixels in representing each temperature range. Consequently, the temperature distribution of the entire image is more clearly laid out for the inspector.

TWB _off.jpg
TWB _On.jpg



IREdge Imaging Algorithm


The IRedge function strengthens the visual impact of object contour and edges to help users distinguish them from the background.

IREdge Off.png
IREdge On.png

IREdge Off

IREdge On

Comprehensive Thermal Analysis Options


Utilizing suitable image analysis and reporting software can have a transformative impact on your business. It simplifies problem understanding for customers and instills trust in the effectiveness of your solutions.

FOTRIC NaviTiR System is an AI-infused digital upgrade from the traditional thermal camera. It perfectly assists thermal inspectors on every link of their assignment, from preparation to presentation.

FOTRIC IRExplorer is a powerful cross-platform Analysis System that enables remote access and control of FOTRIC thermal cameras through a web browser on various devices, including Mac, Windows, ios, Android, and Linux via WiFi.

FOTRIC AnalyzIR is a comprehensive analysis software designed to optimize thermal analysis and reporting processes to enhance inspections' efficiency and accuracy.



Product Model    

IR Resolution

Thermal Sensitivity(NETD)

Focus Type

Temperature Measurement Range


User-definable Markers


Storage Memory

Build-in Digital Camera (visible light)   


Battery Life                           



Automatic Focus, Manual Focus

-20℃ to 120℃ (-4℉ to 248℉); 0℃ to 650℃(32℉ to 1202℉);

300℃ to 1550℃(572℉ to 2822℉)

16 spot markers; 12 (rectangle or circle); 8 measurement lines

± 1℃ or ± 1 %, whichever is greater at below 200°C,

± 2℃ or ± 2 %, whichever is greater(ambient temp between15℃ ~35℃ )

128GB SD memory card

13-megapixel, industrial digital camera

15 standard palettes, 3 color isotherm, 15 inverted palettes

Over 4 hours per battery


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