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Thermal Analysis Software


AnalyzIR is a comprehensive analysis software designed to cater to the needs of inspectors from all fields,  R&D in particular.

Its powerful features include remote control, triggers for alarm or automatic data collection, report generation or template customization, and extensive analysis capabilities such as adding ROI tools for detailed analysis. It also allows users to edit thermal images and videos with temp-erature data, correct temperature data, and present it in tempera-ture history curves, histograms, and 3D graphs.

With AnalyzIR, thermographers can optimize analysis and reporting process to enhance their efficiency and accuracy.


The EasyIR Mobile App, available for download on the Google Play Store, allows Android users to easily stream data and control FOTRIC thermal cameras using their smartphones and tablets over WiFi.

With the app, users can conveniently download, store, view, analyze, share, or delete thermal images captured by the camera on their mobile devices. Additionally, the app enables real-time non-radiometric video viewing and remote control of the camera to capture thermal images or videos, and adjust the focus as necessary.

IRExplorer is a powerful cross-platform Analysis System that enables remote access and control of FOTRIC thermal cameras through a web browser on various devices, including Mac, Windows, ios, Android, and Linux via WiFi. With IRExplorer, users can easily analyze and edit thermal images, and control the camera to capture thermal images or videos which can be saved directly on the phone or PC. With seamless access to thermal images and analysis tools, IRExplorer makes it effortless to generate reports and perform analysis across all your devices.

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