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FOTRIC Announces Exciting New Upgrade for Thermal Cameras


In the spirit of pursuing excellence, FOTRIC is launching a product upgrade on the 340 series.
We refined the thermal sensitivity to 30 mK and expanded our temperature range to up to 1550° to better meet the market demand.
In addition, we introduced

  • NaviTiR: the Routine Inspection Assistant

  • IRExplorer: Cross-Platform Thermal Imaging Control and Data Management

to our thermal camera family and opened up more options for our clients.

The 30 Hz update rate, the laser auto-focus feature, and the interchangeable objective lenses are a big improvement over all the others I've seen in this price range.

Simone Woods

Electrical Engineer

Excellent product for an excellent price.

Rio Rhouben

Building Constructor

If you're thinking about getting a thermal imager, do yourself a favor and get this one!

Calvin Smith

Application Engineer

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