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Where professional Thermal Imaging Meets Professional Acoustic Technology

IR Resolution

MEMS Digital Microphone

AcouTherm Camera


Adjustable Modes:

IR, AC, and MiX Modes

Weight(include battery, without lens)

FOTRIC P7MiX, Engineered by the Best
Where Excellence Meets Innovation

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With top-notch hardware components sourced from global leaders, the FOTRIC P7Mix Acoutherm Camera ensures unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability for industrial inspections and predictive maintenance.

Thermal Mode
Meticulous Measurement Flawless Imaging

Thermal Mode is the perfect mechanism to switch to when encountering instruments such as: Electrical equipment, transmission devices, high-temperature containers, insulation equipment, and other equipment with potential thermal failure risks.

MiX (4).png

640*480                                Selectable Lenses                             TurboFocus®                   IREdge                        MagicThermal®

Thermal Resolution

Single view lenses: 46° , 25° , 12° , 7°
Dual-view lenses: 25° &12° , 25° &7°

Smart Focusing

Image Detail

AI-based auto-recognition and feature contour mark up

AI-empowered Acoustic Mode

162                              1.3MP                    Partial Discharge Diagnosis                Leakage Evaluation                  Signal Delay Mode(T-FFTD®) 

MEMS digital

Digital camera

Surface, floating, corona discharge

Leak level, leak rate, leak cost

AI-based auto-recognition and feature contour mark up

MiX (5).png

MiX Mode
Where professional Thermal Imaging Meets Professional Acoustic Technology

MiX mode on the FOTRIC P7MiX introduces a novel diagnostic approach tailored to real-world scenarios. During the inspection process, this acoustic-thermal imaging device's 5-inch LCD screen simultaneously displays real-time thermal and acoustic images.

In MiX mode, the thermal distribution and acoustic patterns of the device under test appear simultaneously, enabling comprehensive and accurate analysis of equipment faults from multiple perspectives. This enhances inspection efficiency and quality.

Versatile Design
Enhance Accessibility and Safety

mix on site

During an inspection, certain areas of the facility or placement of equipment can be hard to reach—let alone to capture a necessary image. The FOTRIC P7 MiX Camera allows you to get into tight corners and get a greater view of areas out of reach with its rotatable infrared lens barrel and acoustic microphone array. Overhead glares are eliminated, staff is kept safer, and your photo quality is no longer compromised by difficult angles.

Professional Analysis Software

FOTRIC developed AnalyzIR software to distinctively analyze images, videos and other data captured by multiple series of products including thermal cameras, acoustic cameras, and acoustic-thermal imaging devices. We continually upgrade and enhance our specialized software, responding to valuable user feedback and the increasing demand for precision technology. AnalyzIR has become an invaluable tool for FOTRIC’s industrial and research users.

fotric software


Product Model    


IR Resolution


Thermal Sensitivity(NETD)

<30mK@30° C

Field of View (FOV)

25° *19°

Focus Mode

Automatic, Manual

Acoustic Image FOV

66° *52°

Microphone Channels

162 MEMS digital microphone

Acoustic Working distance


Measurement Accuracy

± 1℃ or ± 1 %, whichever is greater (ambient temp at 25℃ , temperature range 0° C-100° C), ± 2℃ or ± 2 % for other temperature range

Temperature Range

-20 °C to 700°C

Display Screen

5", 1280*720 pixels, IPS LCD touchscreen display with Gorilla Anti-Explosion screen

Image Mode

Thermal Imaging Display: Thermal\Digital\Picture-in-Picture\T-DEF® Acoustic Imaging Display: Single, Multi, Hologram

Storage Card

SD card, hot-swappable, supports up to 2TB


3.6V, 9900mAh rechargeable lithium battery, field replaceable

Battery operation time

Continuous work ≥ 2.5h (depends on the environment and work load)

Weight ( include battery)

1.6kg(without lens)

Enclosure rating



2 years
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