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Redefining Repetitive Inspections for PdM



Inspection speed improved
  3 times

Issues can be caught through temperature trend BEFORE happening


Data management & Instant synchronization

Efficiency improved 60%

Report generation in
     1 click


Supported Cameras

✔ FOTRIC 321 thermal camera

✔ FOTRIC 322M/F thermal camera

✔ FOTRIC 323M/F thermal camera

✔ FOTRIC 325M/F thermal camera

✔ FOTRIC 326M/F thermal camera

✔ FOTRIC 345A/M thermal camera

✔ FOTRIC 346A thermal camera

✔ FOTRIC 347A thermal camera

✔ FOTRIC 348A thermal camera

Disclaimer: The NaviTiR system is a software system compatible with newer generation FOTRIC handheld cameras, i.e. red 340 series and high screen resolution 320 series. It is a charged feature based on the FOTRIC cameras. However, it is temporarily available for free on purchases between Oct. 20th and Nov. 30th, 2022. The final interpretation right belongs to FOTRIC.

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