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The FOTRIC 600 R&D Station offers powerful, cutting-edge insights for your circuit boards, chips, and electronic equipment. It's designed to detect problems before they occur.


The optional 20μm and 50μm Macro Lens and 30mk NETD enable detailed data of temperature distribution and microstructures such as chips. Other advanced features like streaming radiometric video of 30Hz, ±2°C or ±2 %  measurement accuracy, and powerful AnalyzIR Software on PC, all boost the operational performance, making it an ideal tool to optimize your circuit boards, chips, and more.

  • Up to  640 * 480  IR resolution

  • 20μm & 50μm Macro Lenses

  • -20 ~ 650°C  Temperature Range

  • ±2℃ or ±2% Measurement Accuracy

Outstanding Performance

FOTRIC 600 R&D's excellent hardware configuration, combined with extraordinary imaging algorithms, results in superior product performance.

  • The 640*480 pixel infrared detector provides a thermal map with over 300,000 temperature points as data matrix

  • State of the art imageing algorithm significantly reduces noise and boosts image clarity

  • Thermal sensitivity of 0.03℃ , more sensitive to temperature change and makes more accurate temperature measurement

  • High EMC compatibility, effectively prevent electromagnetic interference and electrostatic breakdown

Powerful Software Support

FOTRIC AnalyzIR is a professional thermal analysis software that matches the FOTRIC 600 R&D Thermal Camera. The software allows the user to view temperature changes, overall distribution and other information, and to adjust the camera configuration.


Product Model    


616C R&D Station.png

IR Resolution

Standard lense

Minimum focus distance

Macro Lenses

Thermal Sensitivity(NETD)

Temperature Measurement Range

User-definable Markers


Support Radiometric Stream


Focus Type                        




M20 &M50 (Pixel Size: 20μm & 50μm)


-20℃-150℃; 0℃-650℃

5 spot markers; 10 (rectangle or circle); 10 measurement lines

± 2℃ or ± 2 %, whichever is greater(ambient temp between15℃~35℃)

25Hz radiometric stream

10 standard palettes and 10 inverted palettes

Manual Focus


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