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FOTRIC Route Navigation Speeds up Inspections with Auto-recognition

Need to simplify your repeated inspection work for huge numbers of assets?

FOTRIC thermal cameras enhanced by NaviTiR with object recognition will save you time intelligently. They help you with an established order for inspecting dozens or even hundreds of assets over multiple regions such as electric cabinet, metallurgy, oil & gas, or chemical works, test a device repeatedly e.g. R&D testing, or survey numbers of devices once at a time e.g. defect detection for finished products.

Keep track of inspection targets boosted by object recognition

The built-in object recognition can quickly find you the correct devices and points on the inspection list by auto-matching the visual image, which can guide you step by step following the planned route. Thus, the chance of missing targets is minimized which might cause unexpected breakdowns.

Digitize preparation before inspections

FOTRIC NaviTiR simplifies inspections by pre-creating routes. This PC software enables you to create lists for the devices and points you need to inspect at each location, organized in the most efficient order, and then to sync with a FOTRIC thermal camera via Wi-Fi or USB cable running Route Navigation mode.

Realize real-time diagnosis using auto-match

You can easily identify the devices in your list by scanning their QR code stickers generated from NaviTiR and then diagnose the target points by auto-matching the visual image. Industry-specific codes can be entered in advance, allowing a real-time diagnosis in the field with four levels of alert. Besides, you can also modify the diagnosis in the camera and add comments if necessary.

Hold data in sync and streamline post-inspection reporting

Superior data management in NaviTiR enables the camera and PC always be in sync. Even if you are in the field, the inspection data in the camera can be synced to your PC by Wi-Fi anytime. Measurements and temperature trends of each inspection point can be displayed over time, so you can compare the historical data and catch impending issues before they cause serious failures. In addition, owing to the pre-planned route and well-organized navigation features, reporting after inspection is a snap in a single click.

FOTRIC thermal cameras are highly enhanced by NaviTiR

FOTRIC 340 Series professional cameras, as one of the most advanced thermal cameras to date globally, feature an excellent resolution of up to 640 x 480, sensitivity low to 30mk, and fast auto-focus, allowing to detect minute temperature differences as low as 0.03°C for locating water leaks or heat loss in buildings, and heat anomaly in electric cabinets. A detection range of -20° to 1550°C is practical for inspecting metallurgy, chemical works, or kilns. Lens options include not only telephoto and wide angle, but also 7° ultra-telephoto, helping safely locate hidden anomalies from a distance.

FOTRIC 320 Series compact cameras are more easy-to-use, particularly in precise measurement with manual focus. Two lens options of 25° and 49° meet most routine inspection conditions. Compared with similar models, its thermal video recording is unique to capture the whole process of temperature change.

Paired with intelligent NaviTiR, FOTRIC thermal cameras can help you troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems cost-effectively.

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About FOTRIC, Inc.

Founded in 2011, FOTRIC is a listed innovation-driven thermography manufacturer focusing on intelligent sensing solutions to defect detection, fire detection, condition monitoring for manufacturing, chemical processing, metallurgy, storage of coal, Li-ion batteries, and waste, electric utilities, oil & gas, buildings, and R&D in over 45 countries. FOTRIC’s vision is to provide more granular data for professionals to make more informed decisions to save more lives and livelihoods.


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