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FOTRIC TD3-LD Industrial Acoustic Camera is designed for swiftly detecting Gas Leaks, Partial Discharges, and Mechanical Vibrations in industrial settings. With a lightweight, ergonomic handheld design, no training is needed, ensuring user-friendliness. 

Equipped with 96 built-in MEMS digital microphones, these cameras deliver precision ultrasonic information, even in noisy environments. Real-time acoustic image overlays on visible digital images allow precise defect source identification. Enhance gas supply consistency, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and maintain production safety with FOTRIC TD3.

Acoustic Imaging Camera

Unparallel Range, Extraordinary Sensitivity


​Enhances signal clarity and spatial resolution for precise sound source localization.



Microphone Channels



2~ 96kHz

 Bandwidth Range

TD3-LD captures an extended acoustic spectrum, revealing hidden issues for thorough assessment and diagnosis.




Detection Distance

Covering distances from 0.3 to 130 meters, TD3-LD is ensuring comprehensive detection range.

全屏幕 (1).png


 5 Inches

Touchscreen Display

Intuitive control enhances user interaction and simplifies operations.

Robust Operability

The TD3-LD acoustic camera provides a clear visual representation of sound signals, capturing a broad frequency range from 2 to 96 kHz. It features three versatile detection modes, allowing you to isolate a specific sound source or view all sounds that exceed a certain pressure level. Additionally, users can fine-tune their focus by manually filtering sounds based on both amplitude and frequency. This capability is especially useful for zeroing in on signs of gas leaks, mechanical abnormalities, or partial discharges in relatively noisy industrial environment.

Advanced Disgnosis Algoritm


Partial discharge (PD) poses a critical threat, eroding insulation and leading to catastrophic failures. Our TD3-LD Acoustic Camera's Phase-Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) graphs offer a proactive approach by detecting, locating, and assessing PD activity. Analyzing these graphs provides vital insights into the type, cause, and severity of PD, enabling targeted corrective actions, minimizing downtime, and preventing costly system failures.

partial discharge.png

Gas Leak Rate Estimation and Cost Calculation

Accurate Leak Rate Estimation
Our camera goes beyond basic detection by analyzing the sound data to estimate the leakage rate. This feature is essential for maintenance teams to identify and prioritize the most critical repairs based on the severity and urgency of each leak.

TD3-LD (2).png
Gas leak.png

Cost Estimation Feature
Make informed decisions using our straightforward interface. Input the type of gas, the cost per unit of leakage, and your currency to receive an immediate estimate of the annual cost associated with a detected leak. This information is vital for budgeting and planning maintenance activities effectively.

Intuitive Data Filtering — Amplitude & Frequency Filter

Our advanced Acoustic Camera TD3-LD with frequency and sound pressure level-based signal filtering is a versatile tool for industrial applications like air leak detection and mechanical anomaly identification. Unlike traditional inspections, it allows precise isolation of sound signatures associated with various problems, enabling pinpoint accuracy in identifying issues that might otherwise go unnoticed until they cause significant damage or operational downtime. This added layer of predictive maintenance empowers organizations to proactively address concerns, saving valuable time and resources, while the amplitude filter further refines inspections by focusing solely on relevant sound sources, eliminating background noise and enhancing efficiency.




Product Model    


Microphone channels

Acoustic Image FOV

Sound pressure sensitivity

Acoustic Image Display


Detection Distance

Sound Sampling Rate

Acoustic Refresh Rate

Detection Mode

Storage Capacity



Protection Class    



96 MEMS digital microphones


 >0.03 L/min (0.3 MPa, 3m), >0.05 L/min (0.3 MPa, 10 m)

800 × 480, size 5"LCD capacitive touch screen

2kHz ~ 96kHz

  0.3m ~ 130m



Partial Discharge Mode (PRPD graph)

Gas Leakage Mode (gas leakage quantification and cost calculation)


3.5mm 3-part headphone jack (monitor audible sound only supported)
3 batteries, ≥ 2.5 hours
 per battery, Interchangeable



2 years


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