Building Insulation Inspection

Missing insulation drives up house’s energy bill and undermine its inhabitability. Poor insulation spots are pretty hard to find, unless they are under thermal camera.

Customer’s Challenge

Improperly insulated walls and roofs can make huge impact on people’s living condition.

They can drive up the energy bills, or cause physical damage to the house over time and make it inhabitable. However, it’s hard to locate the spots in the house where it’s missing insulation without tearing the walls open. It’s very frustrating for homeowners to handle annoying yet elusive problem like this.

The Solution

With the help of thermal imagers like FOTRIC 340/320, Inspectors can easily identify missing insulation’s locations and types. Missing insulation will allow either heat or cold air to infiltrate certain area, which will manifest themselves as salient cold or hot spot under thermal lens.

The Result

Equipped with thermal cameras like the FOTRIC 320/340 series, Inspectors can clearly express their problems to their contractors, or fix the problem right away. Consolidated thermal insulation around the house can save considerable amount of money in energy bill and improve residents’ overall living condition.