Building Roof Inspection

Preservation of roof’s structural integrity is imperative for building safety. Routine thermal inspection on the floor can effectively spot early sign of deterioration and justify precautions.

Customer’s Challenge

One of the biggest concerns of property owners is their building’s structural integrity, especially in the roof area where it need to withstand the test of harsh and unpredictable weather. However, even for the most experienced building inspector, it can be challenging to detect minor issues before they deteriorate into something serious and obvious. By then, it could be costly to repair, and the building could be more susceptible for further weather damage.

The Solution

Thermal insulation is one of the best indicators for structural integrity, because defected area usually let heat escape or let moisture accumulate. Over time, places with poorer insulation will likely develop temperature abnormality compared to other regions. A thermal camera such as the FOTRIC 340/320 can make thermal insulation conditions visually detectable and allow inspectors to spot structural issues at early stage, which can properly justify precautions and make repairs easier.

The Result

With the help of thermal cameras, property owners can spot issues and take precaution at early stage of their building’s structural problem. Regular thermal inspections can help mitigate damage from harsh weather conditions as well as prevent possible moisture accumulation.