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Research in Electronics & PCB

Our thermal imaging technology and professional FOTRIC AnalyzIR software can offer contactless measurements of up to 307,200 temperature points in one image.

Customer’s Challenge

Electronic devices’ reliability and life span are closely linked to heat generation and dissipation of their PCB.

Engineers need to coordinate high-power output components to balance the overall heat load and prevent the overheating of certain components to compromise the performance of the entire board.

Ordinary thermocouples are too inefficient in overall temperature measurement, and can easily introduce measurement bias in smaller devices.

Most methods can not offer tendency analysis of the entire board, which is something lots of researchers are most interested in.

The Solution

The FOTRIC 600 R&D with 20mm Marco Lens, a research-oriented thermal camera, can offer contactless measurement of up to 307,200 temperature points in one image.

It collects and saves thermal information of the whole board in one go. Combined with the professional FOTRIC AnalyzIR software, the FOTRIC 600 R&D can serve as an online video streaming analyzer with a frame rate of up to 30 Hz, providing information on any pixel at any time to the end user.


FOTRIC 600 R&D station can better test the chip and discover the PCB design defects based on its advantages:

  • 20μm & 50μm macro lens and great sensitivity of 30 mK.

  • Full radiometric video streams with an adjustable frame rate of up to 30Hz.

  • Brilliant measurement accuracy: ± 2 °C or ± 2 %, whichever is greater

  • Powerful analysis software on PC: AnalyzIR


To learn more about FOTRIC infrared thermal imaging cameras, please visit or contact for any inquiries.


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