Photothermal Therapy Research

Termal imaging technology and our professional analytical software can help observe an object’s image and measure their temperature in tumor reasearch.

Customer’s Challenge

Photothermal therapy is one of the rising stars in cancer treatment research field. It usually employs near-infrared (NIR) light-absorbing agents to generate heat from optical energy, leading to thermal ablation of cancer cells. Due to the nature of the research, temperature and morphology of given tissue or material need to be closely monitored.

A consistent and accurate measurement of temperature in given area without tampering the specimen is usually imperative.

The Solution

Thermal imaging technology can simultaneously observe an object’s image and measure their temperature. FOTRIC 220GRD thermal camera, is capable of recording radiation video that encapsulates a region of interest’s temperature fluctuation and morphological development over time. Coupled with professional analytical software FOTRIC AnalyzIR, it offers every piece of information a researcher would need.

The Result

With the help of analytical thermal cameras to monitor its temperature plot with time, researchers can inspect thermal and physiological condition of their experimental subject and analyze their correlations. The photothermal therapy field has come a long way in tumor treatment.