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FOTRIC Launches 600 R&D Microscopic Infrared Camera—A Great Lab Helper

FOTRIC has been committed to the development of exceptional products since its inception. In 2020, FOTRIC applied AI technology to its thermal imagers, culminating in the release of an automatic infrared body temperature screening imager to aid in the fight against the pandemic. In 2022, FOTRIC introduced a revolutionary 17μm thermal sensor boasting a resolution of 384x288 pixels and the first generation of R&D Microscopic Thermal Camera 616C in August, which features a 50μm macro lens, test bench, and powerful analysis software.

Continuing to innovate in 2023, FOTRIC released the upgraded 600 R&D thermal camera — 618C, simplified yet robust, featuring an outstanding resolution of 640x480 pixels and optional 20μm and 50μm macro lenses.

This microscopic infrared camera provides optional 20μm and 50μm macro lenses and a 30°×22° standard lens, which is mainly for accurate thermal measurements on small components. An additional test bench can help users to set up and start testing swiftly. Moreover, the hardware quality is excellent and durable in a complex and harsh environment. It stays accurate at -20℃ to 65℃ with an accuracy of ±2℃ or ±2%, holding a temperature range of -20 to 550℃.

Enhanced with cutting-edge thermal imaging technology and optimized user experience, FOTRIC 600 R&D Thermal Camera was designed to help electrical engineers and manufacturers launch safer, faster, more reliable electronics with dependable quality control by discovering problems before they happen.


The FOTRIC 600 R&D, which is characterized by a great thermal sensitivity of up to 30 mK and macro lenses, specializes in microscopic world exploration. It offers engineers and researchers a streamlined solution to capture the thermal field of composite materials and electronics for defect detection. By capturing heat anomalies, it can quickly spot the faults of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), semiconductor wafers, and LED screens upon closer inspection.


Users can easily view and export radiometric data using the professional monitor and analysis software FOTRIC AnalyzIR which is developed to meet R&D needs based on the features below:

  • Recorded thermal images and videos (up to 30Hz) can be edited, single images can be extracted from a video, and temperature corrections can be made to obtain more reliable data;

  • Recording time of videos could be long-lasting depending on the size of the computer hard drive;

  • Automatic collection of data through triggers of time, temperature, or external I/O;

  • Alarms can be triggered automatically when critical temperature thresholds are exceeded;

  • 3D temperature distribution and historical time-temperature curves are available;

  • Reports can be generated and the template is customizable;

  • Merging images, splitting videos, generating reports, and renaming files can be processed in batches.

3D temperature distribution Historical time-temperature curves

Heat anomalies are better visualized with the help of 3D and time-temperature curves.

At the moment, FOTRIC is looking for partners worldwide to provide local users with customized high-quality services.


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