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FOTRIC’s Cutting-Edge Hardware Improves Comprehensive Performance

A New 340 Series Is Coming: 2-Second Autofocus with Other Advanced Features

At the annual Thermal Imaging Conference in Los Angeles in 2019, FOTRIC first introduced the engineering prototypes of the 340 Series to the infrared thermal experts in attendance.

The Fotric 340 Series is a new generation of professional engineering thermal imagers equipped with 2-second autofocus, real-time imaging, and fast picture-in-picture fusion, among other advanced features. The 340 Series compares favorably with international high-end infrared technology standards.

In today's intelligent revolution environment, FOTRIC is positioned in the mid-to-high-end professional market with artificial intelligence technology to implant agile and intelligent genes into products. The TurboFocus focusing system can perfectly integrate the advantages of both image and laser autofocus, achieving fast, accurate, and quiet focusing performance. The standard operation of machine intelligence is used to perform heavy inspection tasks and reduce the temperature measurement deviation caused by manual focus inaccuracy.

In order to not only make the product superior in performance, but also solid and durable, FOTRIC selects global cutting-edge hardware, such as France’s Lynred second-generation polysilicon detector, America’s Qualcomm quad-core master chip, and Xilinx programmable logic components, to comprehensively improve product performance. FOTRIC adopts screen explosion-proof authenticity tests, 100,000 key life tests, and 1 million focusing life tests. FOTRIC treats every component and testing step seriously and pursues excellence in paying attention to each detail for users to truly appreciate the product value.


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