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Re-Innovation of Thermal Imaging Technology, FOTRIC Releases Intelligent Thermal Imagers 340

New Thermal Imagers with AI Boosted Performance, Superior Imaging, and TurboFocus On the Go

Professional thermal imaging brand FOTRIC continues to innovate in technology for users to "enhance efficiency and ensure safety". In August, FOTRIC launched a temperature-screening thermal imager for epidemic prevention and maintenance control. Recently, FOTRIC released a breakthrough: intelligent thermal imagers 340A and 340M, which are suitable for industrial equipment maintenance, power and electrical testing, building inspection, etc.

Looking back, FOTRIC has repeatedly achieved success in product development. In 2017, FOTRIC participated in the USA CES Exhibition and its independently developed products were widely acclaimed. In 2018, FOTRIC won first place in the electrical application category at the USA IR/INFO Conference. In 2019, FOTRIC’s newly developed product won the 2019 German iF International Industrial Design Award.

AI-Boosted Performance

Industrial users are familiar with thermal imagers. However, the 340A and 340M are not ordinary models. FOTRIC innovatively fuses AI technology with wisdom and agile genes, bringing users an extraordinary intelligent control experience. For example, there is an AI Key supporting programming shortcuts to preset interfaces or functions.

Superior Imaging

"Temperature measurement" and "imaging" are the two core functions of thermal imagers. An easy-to-use thermal imager is inseparable from accurate temperature measurement and high-definition imaging. The FOTRIC 340A and 340M are developed based on FOTRIC's ten years of solid technology focusing on accurate temperature measurement and thermal imaging. Their temperature measurement stability and consistency have reached the industry-leading level. FOTRIC's superior imaging allows advanced imaging performance under complex diagnoses and superior in-picture smart isolation of hot spots for easy live analysis of areas of interest.

TurboFocus on the Go

If the image is out of focus, the data provided can be inaccurate, resulting in a wrong diagnosis. The 340A model is equipped with an intelligent focusing system “TurboFocus”, which realizes fast, accurate, and quiet one-button autofocus. While with the continuous focus function, users do not need to be concerned about focusing, and can just aim and shoot, which greatly improves the detection efficiency.

The launch of the 340 series intelligent thermal imagers leads a new direction in the development of thermal imaging technology and provides an unprecedented and extreme user experience. At the same time, the hardware quality is excellent and durable in a complex and harsh environment. At present, FOTRIC seeks partners worldwide to provide local users with customized high-quality services.


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