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FOTRIC 340 series Thermal Cameras — Re-Innovation of Thermal Imaging Technology

The FOTRIC 340 Series is globally one of the most advanced thermal cameras to date whose quality is guaranteed by the top-end hardware from Lynred, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and TI. They are designed to detect early signs of building issues, identify hot spots, troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems, and prevent problems before causing damage that leads to expensive repairs.

Advanced features bring rich applications

1. Building Inspections

The thermal sensitivity of 0.03°C can detect minute temperature differences to locate water leaks or heat losses in buildings.

Moreover, FOTRIC fusion capabilities can enhance the image contrast to highlight building issues in a visual image by blending with a semi-transparent thermal image.

A cold loss due to a material-related thermal bridge

In addition, a laser ranger can measure the distance from the inspection target and the area value of the user-specified area with ROI measurement tools (region of interest).

Area1 is 2.995m2 and the distance is 12.36m in a building inspection image

2. Manufacturing

A picture-in-picture function can be used to display a resizable and movable thermal image superimposed on the visual image to highlight targets like manufacturing equipment.

Heat anomaly of a refrigeration unit

The pump is shown in Picture-in-Picture mode

The FOTRIC Turbofocus Speedy Intelligent System consists of thermal graphic contrast auto and manual focus, continuous focus, and laser-assisted focus that help take vibrant images efficiently in equipment maintenance.

One single touch brings fast focus for crisp graphics in a LED lamp inspection

3. Solar panels

A resolution of up to 640x480 can see the temperature distribution of solar panels from a distance clearly for detecting defects that show up as hot spots or cold spots.

Solar panel defects showing up as hot spots

4. Metallurgy

A measurement temperature range between -20° to 1550°C is practical for defect detection in harsh industrial environments particularly in steel plants or kilns without interrupting the workplace running.

Converter and ladle in the steel mill

5. Electric utilities

With FOTRIC TWBTM (Thermal White Balance), thermal images can be displayed more obvious and finer-textured, helping operators identify targets in scenes with wide temperature spans that usually darken the cooler regions e.g. the AC contactor for switching the transformer goes from dark to light when turning TWB on.

TWB off TWB on

Further, the FOTRIC IRedgeTM helps display a sharper edge of the target contour to better distinguish from the background (e.g. the distribution transformer goes from blurred to clear when turning it on).

IRedge off IRedge on

Lens options ranging from 7°, 12°, 25° to 44° are enough for both distant targets like transmission towers and wide view purposes such as transformers and other components in a substation.

Ultra telephoto lens 7° Telephoto lens 12° Wide angle lens 44°

Besides, with ROI measurement tools such as spots, lines, boxes, and polygons, users can easily discover the defect of electrical components by comparing the temperatures in different ROIs.

Heat anomaly of an isolator switch (lines) A low oil level of the main transformer cooling tube, the cooler one (boxes)

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About FOTRIC, Inc.

Founded in 2011, FOTRIC is a listed innovation-driven thermography manufacturer focusing on intelligent sensing solutions to defect detection, fire detection, condition monitoring for manufacturing, chemical processing, metallurgy, storage of coal, Li-ion batteries, and waste, electric utilities, oil & gas, buildings, and R&D in over 45 countries. FOTRIC’s vision is to provide more granular data for professionals to make more informed decisions to save more lives and livelihoods.


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