FOTRIC 340 series Thermal Cameras — Re-Innovation of Thermal Imaging Technology

FOTRIC 340 Series are globally one of the most advanced thermal cameras to date whose quality is guaranteed by the top-end hardware from Lynred, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and TI. They are designed to detect early signs of building issues, identify hot spots, troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems, and prevent problems before causing damage that leads to expensive repairs.

Advanced features bring rich applications

1. Building Inspections

Thermal sensitivity of 0.03°C can detect minute temperature differences to locate water leaks or heat loss in buildings.

Moreover, FOTRIC fusion capability can enhance the image contrast to highlight building issues in a visual image by blending with a semi-transparent thermal image.

A cold loss due to a material-related thermal bridge

In addition, a laser ranger can measure the distance from the inspection target and the area value of the user-specified area with ROI measurement tools (region of interest).

Area1 is 2.995m2 and the distance is 12.36m in a building inspection image

2. Manufacturing

Picture in Picture function can be used to display a resizable and movable thermal image superimposed on the visual image to highlight targets like manufacturing equipment.

Heat anomaly of a refrigeration unit