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Thermal imaging in data centers

In modern world, data have become many organizations’ most vital and proprietary assets. Data’s efficient storage and continuous flow facilitates any organization’s healthy operation. A data center is a facility that hosts an organization’s IT operation and equipment. Therefore, the safety and continuous function of data centers should be among any organization’s top priorities.

To support data center’s continuous operation, stable and proper power supply and cooling system are indispensable. In a data center, there are numerous equipment and systems that need to be periodically checked for irregularity to eliminate potential threats and ensure long term sustainability: the electrical switchboard, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), the power distribution units (PDUs), server racks and the HVAC system.

Thermal imaging is the perfect technology for thermal and mechanical system inspection. Whenever a defect or problem occurs in the electrical or mechanical system, it usually comes with thermal irregularities. Although thermal irregularities evade the naked eye, they will manifest certain patterns that can be easily spotted and analyzed under a thermal imager.

In addition, major problems that could cause unexpected down time of the data center typically grew from easily fixable issues that’s been neglected over time. Thanks to the repeatable and documentable nature of thermal imaging inspection, maintenance inspectors can keep a clear record of temperature trend of each equipment and plan timely repairment based on educated prediction to prevent costly equipment failure and facility shutdown.

Regularly conducted thermographic inspection can significantly bolster data center’s resilience to accidents and save the facility owner’s monetary loss, insurance creditability and invaluable data.

Fotric 325M camera is the perfect tool for data center thermographic inspection. Its manual focus 49° lens make it thrive in confined spaces and the 40mk sensitivity can pick up the tiniest trace of anomaly. In addition, to comply with the trend that increasing number of data centers are installing IR window to facilitate thermal inspections, the Fotric 325M comes with state of the art IR window compensation mode, which allows it to make accurate measurement through an IR window.


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