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FOTRIC Launches 600 Series Thermal Cameras for Condition Monitoring and Fire Detection

The FOTRIC 600 Series Advanced Lynred Detector Enhanced Thermal Cameras feature high-temperature detection for extreme environments coupled with alarm capabilities – perfect for industrial outdoor condition monitoring and early fire detection. With spot, line, area, and polygon analytic functions based on FOTRIC AnalyzIR or versatile SDK on PC which improves the definition of regions of interest, the 600 Series can help commercial and industrial organizations maximize uptime, increase safety, protect assets, and save maintenance costs.

Condition Monitoring and Fire Detection for Industrial Facilities

For condition monitoring, the 600 Series cameras are ideal surveillance tools for piles of combustible materials, providing automated early warnings for potential problems in coal storage areas or waste collection facilities that operate around the clock. In addition, petrochemical processing facilities, power substations, or manufacturing bases, where common control language and communications are used, can benefit from these cameras too. The 600 Series enable them to minimize maintenance costs by picking up heat anomalies from mechanical problems at an early stage, thus prolonging the components’ service life.

The 600 Series are also efficient for early fire detection by quickly identifying temperature rises concerning potentially dangerous situations. The cameras can see through smoke, facilitating decision-makers to properly evaluate and respond to incidents. Furthermore, using FOTRIC TWB (Thermal White Balance) and IRedge technology, thermal videos display a sharper edge and finer-textured image, helping operators see low-contrast targets even in scenes with wide temperature ranges.

Excellent Performance for Various Applications

The 600 Series cameras are designed to work in harsh environments at temperatures between -25° to 65°C. Among them, 600CH cameras have a temperature detection range between -20° to 2000°C for discovering chemical fires and other extreme industrial fire conditions.

Superior thermal imaging capabilities with a resolution of up to 640x480 and a thermal sensitivity low to 0.03°C can detect minute temperature differences and hot spots in coal piles to prevent spontaneous combustion.

Along with thermal lens options ranging from 10° to 92°, these devices fulfill the needs of most outdoor condition monitoring and fire detection applications.

During 24/7 continuous monitoring without supervision, the alarm can be triggered automatically when the pre-set critical temperature is exceeded, and heat sources can be localized immediately, even in dusty or smoke-polluted environments. Besides, the camera feed of multi-camera systems can be routed to the control room through ethernet cables, and radiometric video streams can be recorded at 30Hz automatically or manually.

We are looking for partners with the capacity of integrating our infrared cameras, the FOTRIC 600 series, into industrial solutions. Using our SDK, you can effortlessly gain access to the power of our professional thermal camera for your monitoring and fire detection solution and create a more robust and comprehensive system.

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