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FOTRIC Releases P-series HD Premium Thermal Cameras

Today FOTRIC unveiled the superbly engineered P-series thermal cameras for predictive maintenance (PdM), power condition monitoring, and system reliability diagnostics, particularly used by electric utilities and large industrial service providers. These latest premium handheld cameras feature up to 1280*1024 IR resolution, greater accuracy, a 180° rotating lens, a dual field of view, and powerful software such as NaviTiR and IRExplorer. Exceptional image clarity, excellent measurement performance, and cross-platform operation software allow users to measure temperature precisely, discover hot spots quickly, and operate remotely.

Best-in-class HD Thermal Imaging

The P-series presents terrific image quality involving 1280*1024 pixels, 66% more than the current highest one available in the thermal imaging market. In addition, an enhanced 100% color gamut (sRGB) displays temperature distribution details with great precision, and a 5” HD LCD screen ensures clarity when capturing and reviewing images.

Ultra-precise temperature measurement

High precision optics of the P-series provides ±1°C or ±1% temperature measurement accuracy, a wider temperature range between low to -40°C and up to 2000°C (-4°F to 3632°F), and thermal sensitivity of 0.03°C, allowing to detect minute temperature difference and hot spots in facility electrical and mechanical systems.

Easy to use with dual field-of-view

P-series has multiple lens options to inspect objects both near and far. The 7° telephoto lens provides the required magnification for those routinely inspecting the condition of small targets at a long distance, such as overhead power lines.

In particular, a camera with a dual field-of-view lens (12°&25° or 7°&25°), instead of two separate lenses is effortless-to-operate, having inspections more convenient, quick, and safe (telephoto lens enables shooting from a safe distance from hazardous equipment) and avoiding equipment damage caused by frequent lens changes. Therefore, professionals can be confident in the detection of equipment outages and breakdowns in substations, power generation, and distribution.

Flexibility and Versatility

P-series can easily navigate over, under, and around objects with a full 180° rotating lens and 40 shooting gears, and see the image even when your target isn’t before you. Besides, the perfect lightweight P-series with its sensational versatility offers options for inside and outside work in harsh conditions. Further, the Android operating system, combined with its touch screen provides a smooth user experience.

Powerful software support

NaviTiR with object recognition and an established digital ledger enables inspections finished in a short time for dozens or hundreds of assets over multiple regions such as power substations, holds data in sync with PC, and streamlines post-inspection reporting.

IRexplorer allows wireless access and remote control of a thermal camera through a web browser of a PC, iPhone, Android phone, and tablet via WiFi, realizing cross-platform data exchange.

The FOTRIC P-series thermal cameras are available now and through FOTRIC-authorized distributors. Click the button below to get started with the latest P-series today!


To learn more about FOTRIC infrared thermal imaging cameras, please visit or contact for any inquiries.


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