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Introducing FOTRIC TD3-LD Acoustic Imaging Camera: Unleash Precision and Practicality

In the world of maintenance and inspection tools, the FOTRIC acoustic imaging camera has carved a niche for itself, standing as a testament to precision-driven innovation. Designed thoughtfully for industry professionals, it offers a blend of efficacy and practicality. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of what the FOTRIC camera brings to the table:

96MEMS Microphones: The Edge of Precision

With its 96MEMS microphones, the FOTRIC camera ensures a high signal-to-noise ratio and outstanding spatial resolution. This means that the device can capture sound with heightened clarity and detail, allowing users to identify and assess issues with unparalleled accuracy. This technical specification doesn't just sound impressive—it actively translates to a more reliable detection process in the field.

Tailored Functions for Comprehensive Inspections

The FOTRIC camera is not a one-trick pony. Its leakage detection mode aids in swiftly spotting and addressing leaks. More importantly, the partial discharge mode is enhanced with a PRPD (Phase Resolved Partial Discharge) graph. This valuable addition lets users not just detect but also evaluate the type and severity of discharges. This depth of information can prove vital in taking preventive measures before minor issues escalate.

An Interface That Speaks Simplicity

In fast-paced field environments, usability can make all the difference. The FOTRIC camera’s interface is designed to allow users to filter sound signals based on intensity and frequency range. This means users can focus on specific sounds without distraction, streamlining the detection process.

Ergonomic Design for the Modern Professional

Weighing just 1.2kg, the FOTRIC camera respects the user’s need for mobility without compromising on comfort. Its grip-enhancing handle and two-way wristband are pragmatic features ensuring easy one-handed operation. This design approach keeps extended inspection sessions efficient and fatigue-free.

Built for Endurance

Every professional values a tool that won’t let them down midway. Keeping this in mind, the FOTRIC camera is equipped with three batteries, each lasting for a minimum of 2.5 hours. This assures users of a consistent power supply during prolonged field tasks, eliminating unnecessary interruptions.

To conclude, the FOTRIC acoustic imaging camera is an embodiment of meticulous design and functionality. Its features are not just about technical brilliance but about addressing the real-world needs of professionals in the reliability and maintenance industry. Choose FOTRIC for a straightforward, factual advantage in acoustic imaging.


To learn more about FOTRIC Thermal or Acoustic Imaging Cameras, please visit or contact for any inquiries.


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