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Revolutionizing Gas Leak Detection with FOTRIC TD3-LD Acoustic Camera!

Are you still using traditional methods, like the soapy water approach, for gas leak detection? These methods not only fall short in efficiency but tend to miss critical measurements. That's where FOTRIC's TD3-LD acoustic camera steps in, transforming how businesses and inspectors tackle this challenge.

Our TD3-LD acoustic camera excels at early-stage gas leak detection, offering a simple and effective solution. A quick sweep of the inspection area is all it takes to reveal any leaks. It operates by converting the initial ultrasonic 'sound' of a leak into a clear visual image, allowing you to pinpoint the leak's location instantly.

Acetylene cylinder gas leakage, detected by FOTRIC TD3-LD

Simplicity is key, and that's why TD3-LD offers an intuitive interface that displays sound signal distribution based on their frequency strength to allow users to filter their target signals based on the situation.

The simplicity goes beyond the software interface. The FOTRIC TD3-LD is a compact and stand-alone device without the need for accessories like headphones, external amplifiers, or battery packs. Simplicity does not mean compromise of quality, with a 96 high-quality microphone array, the camera is capable of detecting signals from 130 meters away.

FOTRIC's TD3-LD acoustic camera is a game-changer in Gas Leak Detection and Partial Discharge Monitoring, driving predictive maintenance to mitigate expensive damages. Renowned for its pinpoint accuracy, rapid response, and adaptability, it stands as a crucial tool for a wide range of industries, from gas companies and university labs to chemical plants, profile companies, substations, and electrical equipment manufacturers.

FOTRIC's acoustic imaging technology has gained widespread acceptance among diverse customer groups. Explore and join the revolution today!

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