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Thermography in farm animals health monitoring

Farm animals, like pigs, are very easily infected by sick ones. If the pig with abnormal temperature cannot be identified and set apart from the rest timely, disastrous results may be brought to the farm.

As body temperature is an important indicator of a pig’s physical well-being, pig farmers have embraced thermography technology to enhance their product health management system.

A thermal imager can simultaneously scan a few or dozens of pigs depending on the device configuration, which boosts efficiency and saves time as well as labor.

For animal farms, we recommend the advanced 348A handheld camera mounted on a tripod or one of our fixed online cameras for long-term observation. The Fotric 348A camera's 640x480 resolution can guarantee maximum image definition while covering as many objects as possible.

Furthermore, FOTRIC thermal imagers support the ROI Alarm Function, granting farmer users to set temperature alarms according to their needs. When the temperature exceeds or below the temperature alarm threshold, the temperature value will turn red or blue, and a sharp rapid beep would go off to remind.

The FOTRIC ROI Alarm function makes it exceptionally easy and timely to spot anomalies. It's helpful to sieve through pigs and instantly identify hyperthermic pigs or newborn piglets experiencing a dangerously large temperature drop.


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