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Thermography in house pets health monitoring

Feline and canine patients in clinics most suffer from hard tissue problems that result from accidents or soft tissue problems that require surgeries and recovery. And these problems are generally invisible to the human naked eye.

Unlike humans, animals can't talk about their feelings and properly communicate about their ailments. Furthermore, they won't voluntarily cooperate in medical examination, which in most cases is only achievable through physical suppression of medical sedation.

However, thermal imagers' non-invasive and non-contact inspecting fashion can maximize patients' comfort and cooperativeness, and thermal images reveal inexplicable anomalies that usually evade the naked eye.

With 384x288 high resolution and 40 mK sensitivity, the FOTRIC 326M handheld thermal imager can easily pick up the anomalies and display the temperature distribution of the animal's targeted body parts on the captured images in detail.

FOTRIC handheld thermal imagers can make periodic body checks for animals to identify possible lesions or tissue damage at a primary stage. And its compact size allows any observing angle to maximize the patient's comfort. Therefore, pets can be kept healthily, with lives being saved.


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